Pimp C Puts Young Jeezy, Ne-Yo & Russel Simmons on Blast (watch that video on pimp's death)

In the August issue of Complex magazine, Houston rapper Pimp C (who is also one half of the group UGK) blasts some of the music world's hottest artists. We'd summarize what he said, but it's better if you hear it directly from Pimp C's mouth.

Pimp C started off talking greasy about other rappers:
Pimp C on Mike Jones
and Lil Flip�s jewelry:
�Them big ol� plates they be wearing that look like dinner plates? Them diamonds are monkey. You need to take that monkey sh*t back cause you embarrassing us.�

Pimp C on Young Jeezy
�Muthafuc**rs talking about they�ve got kilos for $17,500. B*tch, ain�t no kilos for $17,500 up there, and you know what I�m talking about. Come to Houston and get the work and pop it cause we�re right there by San Antonio and we�re going down there and gettin� the work. And guess what, man. All y�all ni**as talking about selling dope? If y�all ni**as was some d-boys, guess what, man? I don�t believe you ni**as no more cause I�m seeing you ni**as in button up shirts getting cute and pretty trying to look sexy. Ni**a, f*ck you. Ni**a, and I ain�t gotta say your name. Play with me and I�ll expose the ni**as that was wearing backpacks with their pant leg rolled up back then in Atlanta when me and Big Meech used to be off in the club kickin� it buying each other champagne.�

But he saved the most fire for Russell Simmons and Ne-Yo:
Pimp C on Russell Simmons:
�I just made peace with the lil ni**a Short Dawg cause on the cool, it really wasn�t his fault. It was ol� d*ck-in-the-booty Russell Simmons fault for not taking the message back to him and telling him to change his name. Yeah, I said �d*ck-in-the-booty.� I know what I�m talking about. B*tch, I�ll air you out too.�

Pimp C on Ne-Yo
�I ain�t out here dressing up trying to be sexy licking my lips like old gay a** Ne-Yo. Licking lips and sh*it, ni**a. P*ssy d*ck in the booty a*s ni**a wearing all that gotda*n lip gloss at their video shoots and letting ni**as put makeup on their face. Yeah, I said Ne-Yo, you heard what the f*ck I said. Ni**as putting all that lip gloss on they f**kin� lips looking like they�ve just been eating a pork chop sandwich with no hands.�

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